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SaaSquatch Case Study

How 47 Insights helped a referral and loyalty software company to grow its leads with paid acquisition.

About SaaSquatch

Established in 2013, SaaSquatch is a leading customer referral, rewards and loyalty software for digital companies with 10,000+ customers. The platform allows marketers to build a range of fully integrated refer-a-friend acquisition and customer retention programs quickly, easily and securely with the minimum amount of developer resource.

Their Challenge

SaaSquatch built its initial traction through raising awareness using content and SEO. While this channel worked well for the company, it took time for the results to prove themselves and, by its very nature, made it hard to experiment in a timely fashion. Over the years, they tried working with a number of agencies and contractors on paid acquisition using Google AdWords but found that leads were few and the costs were high. SaaSquatch CEO, Will Fraser comments, “In a competitive B2B SaaS environment like ours you need to get as much growth as possible out of every dollar. It’s the difference between a rocket ship and a rock.”

The Results

47 Insights reviewed all the previously existing campaigns and undertook additional research to identify keywords that SaaSquatch could compete for. Relaunching SaaSquatch’s search campaigns with a modest budget, 47 Insights was able to deliver higher quality leads for both referrals and loyalty. Since taking on SaaSquatch’s ad management 47 Insights has increased ad spend and leads tenfold with no reduction in lead quality. In addition, 47 Insights has been able to assist the company with other paid channels including Capterra, Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube, as well as advising on marketing strategy, SEO and conversion rate optimization. Will Fraser adds, “47 Insights’ no-nonsense approach to delivering real measurable results and not hours sheets has been a breath of fresh air. Also, we like working with companies that actually deliver leads.”


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