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SaaS Marketing Insights Podcast

SaaS Marketing Insights is a show about SaaS founders, CEOs, marketers and investors, and the lessons they have learned in their quest to grow their companies. The show is hosted by Founder & CEO of 47 Insights Paul Stephenson, and launched in February 2018 on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher.

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Ep. 46: Ben Jesson, Founder & CEO, Conversion Rate Experts

Ep. 45: Vinima Aggarwal, Founder, GetSetGo Marketing

Ep. 44: Tom Kincheloe, VP Product, SureSwift Capital

Ep. 43: Laura Lopuch, Conversion Copywriter

Ep. 42: Lianna Patch, Conversion Copywriter

Ep. 41: Greg Dickinson, CEO, Omedym

Ep. 40: Sophia Dagnon, Conversion Copywriter

Ep. 39: Charles Palleschi, President, Spark Shipping

Ep. 38: Patti Haus, Conversion Copywriter

Ep. 37: David Horne, Co-Founder, CrewPay

Ep. 36: Ben Haefele, Co-Founder, Foundry Platform

Ep. 35: Justin Chen, Co-Founder, PickFu

Ep. 34: Christopher Gimmer, Co-Founder, Snappa

Ep. 33: Jack Paxton, Co-Founder, Vyper.io

Ep. 32: Vasil Azarov, Founder, Growth Marketing Conference

Ep. 31: Geoff Roberts, Co-Founder, Outseta

Ep. 30: Jonathan Zacks, Co-Founder, GoReminders

Ep. 29: Patrick Campbell, Co-Founder & CEO, ProfitWell

Ep. 28: Corina Ludwig, President, FunctionFox

Ep. 27: Anthony Kennada, CMO, Gainsight

Ep. 26: Jason Reichl, Co-Founder & CEO, Go Nimbly

Ep. 25: Megan Tobin, VP Marketing, Send With Us

Ep. 24: Hailey Friedman, Head of Marketing, Improvado

Ep. 23: Jeremiah Smith, Co-Founder & CEO, SimpleTiger

Ep. 22: Annabel Youens, Co-Founder & CMO, Appreciation Engine

Ep. 21: Duane Brown, Founder, Take Some Risk

Ep. 20: Nadia Tatlow, General Manager, Shift

Ep. 19: Angela Heald, Marketing Manager, Checkfront

Ep. 18: Jason Morehouse, Co-Founder, Checkfront

Ep. 17: Rand Fishkin, Co-Founder, SparkToro

Ep. 16: Paul Hingley, Marketing Manager, Echosec

Ep. 15: Owen Matthews, General Manager, Wesley Clover

Ep. 14: Barry Larson, CEO, Trusty Ox Systems

Ep. 13: Kumaran Veluppillai, Co-Founder, SaaStock

Ep. 12: Sarah Bird, CEO, Moz

Ep. 11: Christina Hall, Head of Marketing, Leadfeeder

Ep. 10: Peter Mahoney, CEO, Plannuh

Ep. 9: Mark Henderson, CEO, Flow

Ep. 8: Will Fraser, Co-Founder & CEO, SaaSquatch

Ep. 7: Kimia Hamidi, Co-Founder & CEO, Ghostit

Ep. 6: Craig Fitzpatrick, Founder & CEO of PageCloud

Ep. 5: Jamie Petten, Director of Marketing at L-Spark and Co-Founder of SaaS North

Ep. 4: Oli Gardner, Co-founder of Unbounce

Ep. 3: Greg Davis, Group Product Marketing Manager at Intercom

Ep. 2: Dave Gerhardt, Director of Marketing at Drift

Ep. 1: Allan Willie, President & CEO of Klipfolio

Future Episodes

Ep. 47: Paul Stephenson, Founder & CEO, 47 Insights