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Marketing Campaigns Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns

An integrated or multichannel digital marketing campaign is one that works across more than one digital channel to communicate your message to your target market for a defined period of time. Some of the most popular digital marketing channels include:

Why do I need an integrated digital marketing campaign?

Digital marketing campaigns are a cost effective method to find, acquire and retain business in local, national and global markets. If you aren’t already running your own digital marketing campaigns it’s likely that you are losing business to your competitors. This is because an increasing number of your target market goes online to research, evaluate and buy B2B products and services like yours.

Irrespective of who your target market is, you need to have a presence in the digital marketing channels they use. Many businesses make the mistake of relying too heavily on a single channel to attract new customers. And when this channel stops working all their leads dry up too.

How we can help

Once you have a marketing strategy we can help create, measure and optimize your integrated or single channel digital marketing campaigns for your business. We understand that you may work with a number of different suppliers or agencies to resource your campaigns. We are happy to work in partnership with you and your existing suppliers to meet your marketing goals.
Our Process

Already running digital marketing campaigns?

Perhaps you are already running your own digital marketing campaigns or have an agency that manages them for you. It’s quite common to find that not all your marketing campaigns or channels will be fully optimized. We can review your existing digital marketing campaigns and let you know if there is anything that can be improved.

What about traditional marketing campaigns?

Traditional marketing campaigns still have an important role to play in the B2B marketing mix. Where appropriate we recommend direct mail, trade press advertising, PR and telemarketing campaigns whenever we believe these channels can make a timely and profitable contribution to your marketing. The reality is that many modern businesses now prefer digital marketing campaigns because they are quicker to set up and easier to measure, optimize and report on.

Interested in an integrated digital marketing campaign?

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