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Qualitative customer research that delivers marketing, product and sales insights for ambitious SaaS companies.

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Martin Millican, CEO, Envoke
"The customer interview process that 47 Insights did provided the foundation for us to really think about next steps with infinitely more clarity."
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Paul Stephenson, Founder of 47 Insights

Recognize any of these problems?

  • Not hitting growth targets?
  • Paying too much for leads?
  • Not getting enough leads?
  • Low trial to paid conversion rate?
  • Sales proving hard to close?
  • Low product activation rate?
  • High customer churn rate?
  • Customers switching to competitors?
  • Struggling to prioritize new product features?
  • No real insight into what customers actually want?

These challenges could be temporary. Or they all could be symptoms of a more fundamental issue: a misalignment with your market that’s slowing your growth and hurting your business.

Unlock your SaaS growth with deeper customer insights.

Understand what customers really want, where to find them, and how to talk to them.

Everyone says they do customer research but if you want to get actionable results that will actually make a positive impact to your business, you need a watertight process backed by research expertise and objectivity.

Customer Research & Insights Flywheel

How we can help.

Outsource you customer research to us and within 4-6 weeks we will deliver actionable insights that you would not be able to discover on your own.

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What's included:

Our qualitative customer insights sprint includes everything you need to better understand your prospects, customers and even competitors’ customers.

We design the interviews and either help you to recruit your customers, or for prospect and competitor research, find participants for you.

All interviews are conducted over Zoom by experienced native English speaking researchers, which means there is nothing lost in communication.

You receive full unedited copies of both the video and audio recordings, as well as transcripts, which means you can see exactly what our insights are based on.

You get a summary of all interview responses along with an in-depth analysis carried out by experienced researchers.

We provide you with new or updated personas so you know exactly who you are talking to, and what motivates them.

We’ll create a overarching value prop based on research insights. Plus persona specific value props for each stakeholder.

A prioritized list of website content recommendations, so you can quickly make the important changes that will get your visitors to take action.

We'll also share ideas for product improvements, insights into untried marketing channels, and recommendations for your sales team.

You'll also get video and written customer testimonials that are ready to support your marketing and sales.

One of our consultants will take you through our findings and recommendations before sharing your action plan for growth.

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