How do I know if this service is right for my company?

If your MRR is $20K or more, and you have ten or more customers, you’re probably a good fit. We don’t recommend our service for early-stage startups as we believe problem research and idea validation is best done by the founders themselves.

Why do you conduct only 7 to 10 interviews?

Based on our experience we have found that this number of interviews usually gives the most bang for your buck, providing enough insights without spending more time or money than necessary. Ideally, our preference is to secure ten interviews whenever possible.

Can you do more interviews?

Yes, if you need feedback from multiple customer segments or uses cases, or feel you need a greater number of qualitative interviews. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Can I buy continuous customer interviews?

Yes, if you have an on-going need, we can conduct interviews for you on a monthly or quarterly basis. Please contact us to discuss your needs and preferential pricing.

Why would I let anyone near our customers?

We will uncover insights you can’t find because we are objective and don’t come with any product bias. In addition to that, we are incredibly professional and experienced, which means we know when to be quiet, and when to dig deeper. We don’t grill customers, we have conversations that customers actually enjoy and value because they feel they are being listened to.

What happens if I am not happy with your work?

We guarantee that our insights and recommendations will be a great investment in your business. If you don’t think you have gotten your money’s worth, then we will waive our fees. Please note this guarantee excludes third party costs such as incentives or participant rewards.

Still have questions? Contact us.